What is Medieval History About?Edit

Medieval History, or the Middle Ages, is a historical period occuring between the years of 500 - 1500 C.E.  depending on which continent or country.  Many important events happened in the Middle Ages, especially in Europe.  Medieval History is like the Golden Ages, where there were many improvements in art, literature, building, etc.  This period of time helps us identify and understand our culture, religion, and politics.  In Medieval Ages there is certain themes that made an impact to its own period.  There is tragedy, prejudices, pride, and many more.  Medieval History did occur in some places, like China, Japan, and especially Europe.  Imagine the world without Medieval History.  Do you think we'll have books, printing, art, or goods from other parts of the world?  You may think the Middle Ages is just achievements, but there is times where people suffer in physical or mental actions.  Famous Middle Age people also affected what is today.  For example, Genghis Khan.  He was a ruthless and fearful leader that the Chinese have to make a Great Wall to defend themselves.  Without him, would we still have a Great Wall of China?  As you can see, Medieval History is purposeful to how it affected present days.