Below is a list of words from Content Vocabulary China.  They are in alphabetical order and defined.

Vocabulary Word Definition of Vocabulary Word
barbarian  uncivilized person
calligraphy beautiful handwriting
census a count of the number of people
economy  organized way where people produce, buy, and sell goods and services
monastery religious community where monks live and work
novel a long fictional story 
porcelain type of ceramic ware that is baked at high temperature
reform changes that tries to bring improvements
steppe wide, rolling, grassy plain
terror violent actions that are meant to scare people to surrendering
treason disloyalty to the government
tribe group of related families
warlord military leader who runs a governement


  • Calligraphy is featured more than two times in the book, Medieval and Early Modern Times and was highlighted two times.
  • Even though "economy" was featured many times in Chapters that proceeded China, but it was highlighted in China Chapter.
  • Treason can take up many forms.  For example, you can have disloyalty to the government by attempting to kill the governor or take his/her throne. 
  • Warlord does not alway run a government.