Below is a list of words from Content Vocabulary Japan.  They are in alphabetical order and defined.

Vocabulary Word Definition of Vocabulary Word
animism belief that all natural things are alive and have their own spirits
calligraphy beautiful writing 
clan  group of families related by blood or marriage
constitution plan of the government
daimyo powerful military lord in feudal Japan
feudalism political system based on the bonds of loyalty of lords and vassals
guilds medieval business groups formed by craftspeople and merchants
martial arts sport, like judo and karate, that involves self-defense and combat
meditation a practice of reflection to clear the mind and find inner peace
samurai class of warriors in feudal Japan that pledge loyalty to lords in return for land
sect a smaller religious group of distinct belief within a larger belief group
shogun military ruler of Japan
shrine holy site
tanka  Japan's oldest form of poetry; an unrhymed poem of five lines
vassal in feudalism, a noble who held land from and served a higher-ranking lord, and in return was given protection


  • Calligraphy is featured more than two times and is highlighted also in the book, Medieval and Modern Times.
  • Clan is a synonym of tribe and is most likely to get confused with.
  • By "feudal Japan" it means an era where Japan conducts feudalism. 
  • By the word, "Feudalism", in this case, feudalism in Japan is based on a daimyo (lord) and a peasant, merchant, or artisans (vassals).  However a daimyo (lord) can also be a vassal. 
  • Feudalism is featured more than two times and is also highlighted in the book, Medieval and Modern Times
  • By the word, "Vassal", it does not have to vary a noble, it can vary a peasant or a samurai.
  • Feudalism in Europe is very simalar as Feudalism in Japan.
  • The word, "Animism" is based from the word, "Shinto".